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Juju's Weekly Question

Bicycling up a hill versus walking:

Bicycles are incredibly efficient machines.  However, the other day I noticed that walking up a hill was much easier than riding my bicycle up it as I had done on a prior day.

So this week's question is a double question: 1) Why is it so much easier to walk up a hill then it is to ride up the hill?  And, 2) How could a bicycle be re-engineered to provide for easier hill climbing?

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Weekly Question

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Thrust Vectoring Motorcycle Fairing
A windshield on a motorcycle, car or any vehicle serves the purpose of pushing the flow of air out of the way of the passengers.  The thrust vectoring motorcycle fairing replaces a windshield with a ducted fan that directs a blast of air up from the front of the motorcycle.  As the vehicle travels forward the jet of air is angled back and over the rider.  The rider ends up in a comfortable bubble of calm air. 

Hybrid Hot Hydrogen Balloon
The hybrid hot hydrogen balloon combines two lighter than air technologies: a hot air balloon and a hydrogen balloon.  A hot air balloon works by heating the air within the balloon.  The air expands which causes the mass of air contained within the balloon to be less than the surrounding air. The result is that the hot air balloon will rise.  A hydrogen balloons works well without adding heat because hydrogen is lighter than air.  Now suppose the hydrogen is heated the way a hot air balloon is heated?  The efficiency of the hydrogen will increase. 

Hybrid Multi-bike Car
The hybrid multi-bike car unites two efficient vehicles types; a small electric car and up to three electric bicycles.  As electric vehicles increase in popularity more families will end up with a mixture of electric cars and electric vehicles.  Perhaps it might be beneficial for the electric car to act as a sort of docking station where up to three bicycles could be connected to the rear of the car.  The added bicycles, complete with their own batteries and motors could help power the car and also provide a novel way for small groups to pool their resources together for a commute and then break apart to reach their final "last mile" destinations. more...







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