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Ideas, Inventions and Innovation Beyond the Leading Edge of Technology

provokes thought and discussion beyond the leading edge of technology. The content on this site is produced from original and creative thought derived from corporate research and development, academia and individuals who are not dummies!

A word about our art.  As you can see our art is more closely aligned to napkin drawings.  The reason for this is that the ideas on Jujutek are so new that they have not had time to be crunched through marketing teams, peer reviewed or productized.  Our art simply serves as a medium for conveying an idea in the quickest manner possible.

Jujutek is a privately owned and operated website and blog. The content on our site, unless otherwise noted, is the copyrighted content of Jujutek. Additionally, and again otherwise noted, the content is original and not acquired or re-used from other sites.

The content on this site can not be re-used on other sites unless permission has first been granted by Jujutek. Please see the contact page for information on how to get in touch with us.

The ideas presented on this site are typically at a theoretical state or otherwise have not been proven as possible or practical. Therefore, no warranties are implied. Implementation or attempted implementation of any of the ideas contained herein are done at the reader's own risk. Some ideas presented within this site may be dangerous or involve the use of hazardous materials or activities. Jujutek encourages responsibility with how these ideas may be acted upon.

Jujutek is not responsible for what the readers do with these ideas.

Jujutek is not responsible for ascertaining the authenticity or originality or prior art status of the ideas or intellectual property presented on this site.

And finally, Jujutek is not responsible for claims made by advertisers who advertise on our site.








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